“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan

Green is the color of life, of health, and of natural beauty and wonder.  Our values inspire us to take responsibility for our actions and the impact that we make on our precious earth.  Here are some of our sustainability efforts:

Promoting a Plant-Based Diet

Recycling.  All of our locations feature separate trash and recycling, whether or not it is required by the government.  We train our staff to separate the two and to minimize waste that will end at a landfill.

We recycle any paper received in our offices.

Photovoltaic Systems (Solar).  Over 90% of our locations in the United States are now supported 100% by solar energy and  at all of our locations

Paperless Offices.

Digital Mailing Lists: Our customers opt-in to our digital mailing list.  We only send legally require documents by mail.

Electronic Health Records – Digital versions of a patient’s paper chart in a manner that is easy to share with other healthcare providers such as laboratories and specialists.

Biological mitigation for all of our developments

Waste Management